Joseph A. Fiore Art Center at Rolling Acres Farm

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The mission of the Joseph A. Fiore Art Center at Rolling Acres Farm is to actively connect the creative worlds of farming and art making.

Historically, artists have celebrated the beauty and richness of the American landscape. Our purpose is to continue and evolve the dialogue between human and environment within the context of our current culture and time.

We do this through exhibitions and public educational events, through research and development of new farming practices and by hosting residencies for artists on a working farm.

In 2018, we will be offering eight residency positions: six visual art residencies, one writing residency, and one performing arts residency.

*One of our visual arts residency placements is for an out-of-state or international artist, and one for an indigenous Maine artist.

**Please note that there are different applications forms if you are a member or non-member of Maine Farmland Trust.**

Please contact with any technical questions or issues regarding your application.